Thursday, 27 May 2010

Back off Holiday. Seems a long time since I was here.

Didn't get to Spain, our flight was cancelled because of the Volcanic ash, so we went to the Dordogne in France. 
 We had a fantastic time these are just a couple of the pictures, the first one is the campsite we stayed on, it was lovely and shady and the mobile home was great.

The second picture is a Town called Rocamador, which is built into the mountain side and is 14th century, we parked at the top and looked down Wow is all I can say it is on three levels with Monastery at the top. Second level is the City with all the shops cafes, houses. The third level  is called the valley and is very picturesque.

The third picture is the clock tower which strike every quarter of an hour and has a fantastic strike which echos down in the valley.

Will show some of the other photographs over the next week, of the other places we visited.
Hope you have all been busy ,will try to catch up with all your posts in the next few days.
Well it wont let me put my button on so I will sign off.



  1. ohhh hello Bev...lovely shots...yes we heard about the volcano ash...however your detour seemed one of splendor...nice to have you back...I too have been out and is summer here and we are trying to complete our fencing and is has been lovely here finally...although our nights are still quite cool... blessings ms

  2. Lovely pictures Bev! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.Looking forward to more photographs.